White Knight (Heavy)
White knight heavy art
Type Monster(Lore)
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Unknown
Model Material Resin
Base Size 50mm


The glorious White Knights are the military might of the Holy Lands and enforcers of the Golden Entity's capricious whims. What dwells inside the exquisitely crafted armor is a mystery born in the furnace guts of the Mothers. A byproduct of generations of eugenic experimentation transforming the people of the Holy Lands in the service of the Golden Entity.

The White Knight Heavy is the backbone of the military ranks, their enormous weapons bringing up the rear of the Holy Lands' brutal martial forces.[1]


Limited Release resin model, 50mm base.[2]

Art: Danny Cruz

Sculpture: Thomas David

Model Gallery

Community Gallery


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  2. Fddlstyx, Complete Kingdom Death Miniature List

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