Nightmare Training is an innovation introduced in the Kingdom Death: Monster core game.

******** Entries below contain gameplay and lore spoilers! ********

Nightmare Training


Card type Innovation
Type Music
Innovation Tier Tier 2
Unlocked by Symposium
Allows N/A
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster - Core Game (2015)


Nightmare Training represents the survivors training even when back at the settlement to try and improve their skills.


Possible gameplay spoilers below. If you want a purist experience then skip this info as it is not required and you will experience it through playing the game.

Nightmare Training is yet another innovation which adds an endeavour action: Train.

Train is a 1d10 roll, which can result in weapon proficiency levels, accuracy or strength gain. There is a chance for death if you have zero survival, so it's important to ensure you have at least 1 survival before you attempt the roll.

It's quite a useful innovation to accelerate weapon proficiency on key survivors, especially if you're only a few short of a weapon mastery like Fist & Tooth.

Nightmare Training in story events

This innovation appears in the following events:

  • TBA


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