Necromancer Boss
Necromancer boss art
Type Monster
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released May 26, 2017 (Memorial Day Sale)
Model Material Resin
Base Size  ??mm


For his in-discriminating lust for knowledge, his own people cast him off the side of the Glittering Mountains. However, giants of the Glittering Mountain are nearly indestructible save for a peppercorn sized weakness on their body. For years, the giant lay at the base of the mountain moaning as his wounds mended, cursing his folk, and vowing revenge.

The giant turned to the dark arts seeking power. His massive brain quickly absorbed what other scholars spent years mastering. Overtaking his teachers, he built the Black Citadel, charging students exorbitant fees to study by his side. With his massive wealth and army of the dead he finally laid waste to the giants of the Glittering Mountains.

Wary of a human apprentice, the Necromancer Boss cast a powerful love curse on him. Madly in love, the apprentice's focus waned and his power too. When the apprentice's beloved perished, the apprentice gave his body to resurrect her. The Necromancer Boss knows that when his apprentice is returned, he will face retribution.

The apprentice spoken of in the Necromancer Boss' tale is very possibly the Necromancer character himself.


First Run Collector's Edition, Resin model. Sold on the Kingdom Death shop during the 2017 Memorial Day sale.[1]

Art: Zeen

Sculpture: Thomas David

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  1. Kingdom Death Shop, Product Description

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