Last Bard
Last bard art close
Type Human
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released July Sale, 2017
Model Material Resin
Base Size 50mm


The Last Bard heard the beat of the land pulsing in her ears. She fashioned the delicate, resonant legs of the Discord Cricket into a headpiece to deafen her to all but the drumming heartbeat of the world. To that beat she taught the Frogdogs their forlorn song and composed the lullaby the Nightmare Ram bleats to the children it will never meet. She performed her breathtaking first symphony on the straining neck of her living instrument, choking the life from all bards who ever were - or ever would be. Now she gathers inspiration for her magnum opus, a march stirring enough to move the gods.[1]


Resin Collector's Edition, 50mm base. Added to the Kingdom Death shop during the July Sale.

Art: Lokman Lam

Sculpture: Thomas David

Model Gallery

Community Gallery


  1. Kingdom Death Shop, Product Description

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