Honorable Berserker
Honorable berserker model 1
Type Human
Class/Affiliation Unknown
Model Attributes
Originally Released Unknown
Model Material Plastic
Base Size 30mm


He always met foes head-on, slamming his grand weapon directly into the face of an enemy. Unwavering faith in his fellow survivors left his arms at his side, unwilling to harm them as they jealously murdered him.

This survivor wears lantern armor and boldly balances a dragon slayer across his shoulder. He carries a monster trophy in the other hand. Only his strong sense of honor anchors his humanity against the swirling rage that fuels his grand weapon fighting style.


Plastic model, 30mm base. Added to the Gambler's Chest during the Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter campaign, unlocked in Update #28.[1]

Art: Information Needed

Sculpture: Information Needed

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This model includes a new Fighting Art, a Monster Trophy Gear Card, and the Personal Oath Disorder.


  1. Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter Campaign, Update #28

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