Heart Flute is an innovation introduced in the Kingdom Death: Monster core game.

******** Entries below contain gameplay and lore spoilers! ********

Heart Flute


Card type Innovation
Type Music
Innovation Tier Tier 3
Unlocked by Forbidden Dance
Allows N/A
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster - Core Game (2015)


"Beware of what lurks in the darkness when you play the heart flute. What you see may stop yours." - BeastofSorrow

Taking the rituals even further, the heart flute is an invention which allows to survivors to call powerful creatures to the settlement.


Possible gameplay spoilers below. If you want a purist experience then skip this info as it is not required and you will experience it through playing the game.

Heart Flute unlocks the endeavour event Devil's Melody. This allows you to perform a ritual to call a nemesis to the settlement to fight.

This is generally an advanced strategy, as nemesis encounters are difficult fights which don't return traditional resources. What you can get however are additional rolls on the nemesis rewards table. This can be used to get the pair of Butcher's cleavers, or other specific piece of kit.

Heart Flute in story events

Heart Flute appears in the following story events or showdowns:

  • The aftermath of Level 3 Screaming Antelope gives a chance at +2 strength if Heart Flute is innovated.


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