Crush and Devour is a story event introduced in the Kingdom Death: Monster core game.

******** Entries below contain gameplay and lore spoilers! ********



Event Type Story
Source Screaming Antelope AI
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster - Core Game (2015)


"The survivor disappears, shrieking, into the Screaming Antelope's giant under-maw"

Crush and devour is a story event representing the survivor being chewed up by the Screaming Antelope's undermouth.


Possible gameplay spoilers below. If you want a purist experience then skip this info as it is not required and you will experience it through playing the game.

Crush and Devour is a possible aftermath of the Screaming Antelope's AI cards. Sourced from A and L type cards, means that its most often seen in Lv2 and Lv3 antelope hunts.

It is a risky situation to be in, as there is a 20% chance of instant death and minor healing on the antelope. There are some positive results on the table, but they are very low chance and not worth getting into deliberately.

  • Death
  • Severe Injury
  • Minor brain damage
  • Moderate event damage
  • Minor additional resources
  • Minor insanity
  • Minor understanding
  • Minor damage to the monster


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