Cooking is an innovation introduced in the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. This is not to be confused with the Cooking Story Event which is the SE tied to this innovation.

******** Entries below contain gameplay and lore spoilers! ********



Card type Innovation
Type Science
Innovation Tier Tier 3
Unlocked by Lantern Oven
Allows N/A
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster - Core Game (2015)


Cooking represents the survivors learning to take resources from the darkness, and turn it into delicious (and stat boosting!) meals. It is paired with the Cooking Story Event


Possible gameplay spoilers below. If you want a purist experience then skip this info as it is not required and you will experience it through playing the game.

The cooking innovation unlocks an endeavour ability which allows you to try and trigger the Cooking Story Event. It is quite a resource intensive event, as it requires you to roll 3+ on your endeavour roll, and then 4-5 unique resources including the quite difficult to find Vermin resources.

The end result is small stat bonuses to a survivor you choose. This is widely regarded as not worth the investment, even for the more exclusive statistic results like Accuracy or disorder removal. Some players choose to houserule, which is detailed in the Cooking Story Event page.

Cooking in story events

Cooking appears in the following story events or showdowns:

  • None to my knowledge.


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