Bloodletting is an innovation introduced in the Kingdom Death: Monster core game.

******** Entries below contain gameplay and lore spoilers! ********



Card type Innovation
Type Science
Innovation Tier Tier 2
Unlocked by Ammonia
Allows N/A
Originally Released Kingdom Death: Monster - Core Game (2015)




Possible gameplay spoilers below. If you want a purist experience then skip this info as it is not required and you will experience it through playing the game.

Bed is an innovation which has no passive abilities, only an endeavour option added to your settlement called Breathing a Vein.

It has a number of good options, but you have to be read to invest a number of endeavours into getting the result you want.

The possible outcomes for Breathing a Vein are:

In order to get the most out of Bloodletting, you'll want to have Graves and Collective Toil to not restrict other settlement development.

Overall, the innovation is quite weak, unless you specifically need to remove disorders from your survivors. It is thoroughly in the niche strategies though.

Bloodletting in story events

Bloodletting appears in the following story events or showdowns:

  • TBA


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